Mince Pie Recipes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do mince pies contain meat?

These days Christmas mince pies tend to only contain fruit and spices but back in ths 13th Century they may have contained fruits, spices and meat. You can read more about the history of mince pies here on wikipedia.

Can mince pies be frozen?

Home made mince pies freeze well and can be frozen for a few months. Make sure any "left over" pies are properly cooled before freezing. Place the pies in layers with greaseproof paper (parchment) in resealable boxes. Pies can be removed from the freezer and left at room temperature to thaw.

How long do mince pies last?

Home made mince pies won't stay fresh for as long a store bought pies but will generally keep up too 2 wqeeks in a sealed tupperware container. Mine never last that long as they tend to be eaten immediately.